Rúni is curator and Intelligent Information Management specialist, working in Alsace, France.

Beside his work, he tends to polymathy, inspired by the universal mind of Renaissance men like Leonardo da Vinci, who were working at once on architecture, languages, sciences, engineering, arts, etc.

His main focuses are Europe and the Mediterranean world from prehistory to XVIth century in all fields (history, history of arts, archaeology, anthropology, etc.), linguistics, especially the languages of the Indo-European family, Earth sciences, in particular geophysics, geology and physical geography, Information science, Astronomy and, of course, arts.

The later is mainly expressed through photography, which is heavily influenced by medieval architecture, which is the specialisation field of his master’s degree in history of arts, but also by the mountains, as the expression of his pagus.

However, he is also very interested by and is practising other media, especially digital painting and 3D, to bring life to the worlds he is creating.