Chœur d’or

« Chœur d’or », Cathedral of Strasbourg, 2011.

At the difference with most Gothic cathedral, the cathedral of Strasbourg has kept its Romanesque choir and its cupola. The decoration was remade in the 19th century in Neobyzantine style, whose it remains the paintings from Steinle, which imitate with their golden tones the mosaic of Byzantine churches. The giant chandelier drawn by Klotz have however been destroyed by the Americans in 1944, as well as the glass paintings from Louis Steinheil, which have been replaced in 1956.

The choir has been heavily modified again in the 2000’ to comply with the prescriptions of the Vatican II council. It’s at this occasion that new furnitures were added, especially the altar and the giant golden cross.

Tools and exifs:

  • Canon EOS 450D + Canon 18-55mm IS
  • 18mm
  • HDR
  • f/11
  • ISO 100

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