Wedding card

card with norse and celtic ornamentation
Wedding card, ink and gouache, 13x18cm.

A card I’ve made for the weddings of friends. Patterns are inspired by similar Norse and Insular art, especially by the Book of Kells. Colours are ink (ultramarine blue, vermilion and a blue/black mix to obtain petrol blue) and gouache (yellow ochre), two type of pigment I appreciate a lot, because they do not need chemical solvent.

To make the whole thing a bit more funny, the text (which was in the blank area in the middle), was written in Old High German with Elder Futhark. I contemplated for some time the idea to write it in cryptic runes, but finally I thought it was probably hard enough to read OHG without adding more difficulty.

Special thanks to a friend who gave me the idea to scan my original drawing and then line it on the computer and print it. It actually solved a problem I had often, as my black lining ink tend to smear when I had the coloured one, whereas the printing ink is less sensitive to that inconvenience.

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